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March 2020 Newsletter - Safe Schools: Coronavirus and Staying Healthy

CDC Covid 19 FlyerThe outbreak of the coronoavirus has created concern among parents and educators across the country. In our promise to always do what’s best for kids, we are carefully monitoring this situation to ensure the safety of our students.

The Center for Disease Control and the Eastern Idaho Public Health Department provide key sources of information that guide our decisions regarding student health. These agencies are currently advising us to take the same precautionary measures that we normally take during cold and flu season. Please help support our efforts by encouraging these practices at home as well.

• Ensuring that students and staff wash their hands often (for at least 20 seconds with soap and water),
• Keeping students and staff home when they are sick, especially with fevers or coughing
• Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly

Our custodial department is working hard to ensure that our classrooms and schools are kept up to standard to prevent the spread of illness. We will continue to work with Eastern Idaho Public Health to evaluate the risk to students and make decisions to keep our kids and community safe. If more serious actions need to be taken, we will communicate with our parents through PowerSchool messages, school web pages, and our official social media channel:

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